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Become part of a community of organizers, bring people together and communicate in new ways.

How does it work?

Our online community gathers people, ideas, and culture into one space, eliminating the barriers that keep us apart and bridging the gap between experts and consumers.

Here, sommeliers, chefs, and expert craftsman from around the globe explore and expand together with passionate consumers and all those who thirst for more. We share our passions to teach, connect, and expand together. To bring Epicurean experiences to every table. - organize experience


  How will I receive my event payments?

Your Bookings will be conveniently processer via your Stripe or PayPal account, or through our own payment gayeway of you prefer. Simply set up your preferred payment method in your account settings, and enjoy hassle-free transactions for your hosted experiences.

  How do I upload products?

Uploading Experiences on is a breeze – simply navigate to your account, select 'Add Experience,' and follow the user-friendly prompts to showcase your offerings to a wide audience of wine and food enthusiasts.

  How do I update or extend my availabilities?

This is cake! To note your availabilities on, head to your account settings, select 'Manage Availabilities,' and adjust or extend your schedule to cater to a wider audience of participants.

  How do I increase conversion rate?

To boost your conversion rate on, consider refining your product descriptions, showcasing enticing visuals, offering exclusive promotions, and responding promptly to customer inquiries. Additionally, optimizing your pricing strategy and actively engaging with the Sommtable community can enhance your overall appeal and drive increased conversions.

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